Father's D‚Äčay Preorder Options

Father's Day order pickups will be Saturday, June 20th between 9AM-12PM. 

If another time is desired, please message me on Facebook and we can arrange another pickup time! 

The cutoff to order for mailed cookie sets will be June 13th. 

The cutoff to order for local pickups will be June 15th.

You're Flippin' Awesome Dad!

This is the perfect gift for that special grill master in your life! 

Included in this set is 5 cookies: top and bottom bun, burger, lettuce and tomato!

*Sugar cookie fries and buttercream ketchup can be added at additional cost

Nacho Average Dad

What do you call cheese that isn't yours?...

Nacho cheese!

But this set could be yours and perfect for your Nacho average Dad!

Included in this set is: 1/2 dz nacho cookies, nacho average dad plaque, and guac

Cheers Dad!

The man, the myth, the legend. Cheers to you Dad!

This set includes 3 cookies: beer, pretzel and cheers plaque

"Love My Girls"

This one is very near and dear to my heart. I made this set in memory of my Dad because if you asked anyone who knew him, he loved 2 things more than anything... "his girls" and music. Classic rock especially.

Included in this set is 4 cookies: "You rock dad" shirt, fender guitar pick, woodgrain acoustic guitar and 1 customizable music pick.

If selecting this set, please message me on Facebook and let me know what band/artist you would like your Dads customized pick to be! (Your selection will replace The Beatles pick in the picture)